Can one sloth make a difference?

Information overload has overwhelmed us all. With millions of new web pages added every day, staying on top of new trends like Peryourhealth, breaking news, or even a flood of emails, can eat up precious hours. And for those of us getting a serious thumb workout scrolling long those screens on our phones... well... this travesty must come to an end!

TLDR is for when you don't have time to read the whole article - "This free app will be a no-brainer for those who want quick summaries of long articles."

TLDR to save us all!

We're putting an end to this time-sucking injustice with our collection of TLDR stuff. Our magic technology evaluates written material and reduces those long web pages down to concise summaries to help you quickly decide which news is important, and which is not. The result is a shorter versions of all kinds of things like articles, long email in webmail apps, Google docs, and just about anything else.

Don't Have Time To Read This Article? There's An App For That - "The plugin summarizes long website content for quick and easy reading."

TLDR Reader for iOS and Android

The TLDR Reader is the first app for smart phones and tablets to deliver real-time, on-the-fly summaries of news articles, blog posts, and online journals for a rapidly convenient experience for mobile users. Using Stremor's Liquid Helium technology, it instantly creates concise summaries of any article on the web. Not a walled-garden of limited news offerings, TLDR Reader users on iOS and Android have unlimited access to web content through a seamless “find more like” feature that helps to explore complicated subjects through short summaries of related content.

Get TLDR Reader

Get the TLDR Reader app for your smart phone or tablet for get instant summaries of current news, and dig deeper with the unique "Find More Like" feature.

TLDR Plugin: read less, grok more

An extension for most modern browsers, TLDR Plugin summarizes articles online. Enabling readers to quickly get necessary information from long content in their browser, TLDR summaries are displayed instantly via an on-page overlay, optimized for the reading experience. Users can browse to a page with long content, click the “TLDR” button in the browser, and reduced text appears instantly, offering four concise versions of content: short, medium, long, and original. Shorten e-mails, news articles, blog posts, documents behind a paywall, or on a corporate intranet.

Get the TLDR Plugin

Life is too short for long web pages. Get the TLDR plugin for your browser and get instant summaries of any web page.

Liquid Helium: TLDR for authors

Create for WordPress provides TLDR summaries of posts that replace the extract that WordPress uses by default. Readers will enjoy reading sentences from posts, rather than the first 55 words that WordPress generates. The Create Plugin inserts the summary when a draft is saved or published using the WordPress editor, as well as provides keywords and optimization tips for search. Tweak the summary to make it more attention grabbing, slightly vary the sentences from the main copy, or use the summary that was automatically generated. Wherever your templates displays the WordPress Extract, the Create summary will appear instead.

Get TLDR for authors

Get TLDR functionality for instant summaries and optimization feedback for your favorite blogging and writing tools.

summaryAPI: TLDR for all

Support and sales organizations face the daunting challenge of monitoring all their communications with customers for compliance with standards and messaging. Applied to your support system, Liquid Helium provides rapid summaries of incoming support tickets, users with meaningful snippets of complex content, or summaries of breaking news for your custom news app. Extended API features include the ability to extract phone numbers, people, places, and more. Instantly summarize e-mail threads. Publishers can integrate it into the content systems to instantly deliver mobile-optimized content without the need to maintain multiple versions.

Get the API for your platform

Take advantage of content summaries in the workplace or your own apps with easy to integrate API's.

How To Build A $30M Startup Without Spending Any Of Your Money, In Your Spare Time - "License a summarization technology. I recommend this one from Stremor..."

Stremor: comprehending language

We created Stremor to solve the shortcomings of existing techniques for online content organization and discovery as the market evolves towards media consumption across an array of connected devices and systems. An intelligent content-aware foundation is necessary for the needs of multiple screens in varying contexts and use-cases.

Visit stremor for more information about us and our technologies.

Language Heuristics

Today, Liquid Helium is delivering the technologies we set out to create. A foundation layer that interprets language to evaluate content context, value, authority, sentiment, meaning, and relationships, it enables the future of online media. With a focus on effective monetization of the core technology, we're working with developers to integrate Liquid Helium into platforms for content creation, discovery, consumption and language analysis for big data.